CFO/Business Management Services

We provide the following financial services to assist our clients in their day to day operations and activities:


  • Financial/General Ledger Management

  • Bookkeeping

  • Payroll Services

  • Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable Management

  • Strategic Planning & Budgeting

  • Contract Review & Negotiation

  • Cash Flow Projection & Analysis

  • Work with other professionals (Tax CPA, Investment Managers) to assist in maximizing financial goals


Payroll Services

We can be your one stop solution in a variety of functions as a CFO but can also provide ad hoc services such as payroll processing done accurately and efficiently.


  • Prepare and process timely payroll weekly, bi-weekly or monthly via direct deposit or check processing

  • Proper tax filing and reports – state and federal

  • New Hire reporting

  • W2’s and 1099’s

  • Oversee integration with payroll software to General Ledger 

  • Other state or federal obligations such as garnished wages, etc.


Strategic Planning & Budgeting

We can work with you, your team to strategize financial goals and objectives in 1 year, 3 – 5 year increments


  • Develop a solid operational budget to guide the organization in the day to day activities for the current year

  • Develop a SWOT analysis (strength, weakness, opportunities and threats) to help build a solid strategic plan

  • Work with the organization in development the benchmarks in analyzing the results of the strategic plan and work on turnkey solutions in making sure we stay on track to overall organizational goals


Estate Management & Tax Strategy

We offer CFO financial oversight to family-owned, small or medium sized businesses that incorporates managing the family budget/finances as well as the family-owned business(es).


  • Develop and maintain budget for the family and small business to make sure the business demands does not hinder the personal or family goals

  • Build a solid vendor list that has been vetted for professional standards for the family as well as the business.  Make sure all vendors have the proper documents (form w9) and insurance as applicable.

  • Assist with analysis for major purchase decisions (home, car, college, equipment) and make sure the family or business is getting the best and fair cost/quote.

  • Oversee independent contractors’ services to make sure they deliver on their services as determined by their proposals/quotes.

  • Review all business contracts and aide in contract negotiations as needed

  • Work with Tax CPA year-round to help with maximizing legal tax deductions


Taxes and Tax Planning

We specialize in preparing tax needed documents for nonprofits, but can provide assistance to others with their personal Tax CPA


  • Assists in setting up nonprofits by preparing the Form 1023 and all necessary documentation

  • Prepares the annual 990 tax return for nonprofits

  • Prepares the necessary documents to file for exemption from Sales Taxes, Franchise Taxes, Federal Unemployment Taxes, State Unemployment Taxes, Hotel Taxes as applicable

  • Assists nonprofit with donor letters as needed – year-end appeals, year-end contribution letters

  • Prepares annual 5500 tax returns as needed

  • Assists an individual’s or business tax strategy by working with them during the year recording the appropriate business expenses in the books for proper tracking.  As we state, tax strategy is a year long process not on the day when the Tax CPA receives the information.


Risk Management

We will work with your team to make sure that the risks associated with the business and/or family are minimized through the proper insurance coverage, etc.


  • Review annually the health insurance or other benefits for employees to make sure the cost of the benefit is a win-win for both the individual and the business.

  • Review any contracts for their insurance requirements/compliances.

  • Review business risks to determine the potential risks to the individual or family to make sure proper controls are in place to minimize any negative impact.

  • Develop a disaster plan to make sure family and employees know what to do in an emergency and there is an open communication link during this time.


Additional Services

We adjust to our clients and their particular needs – as we like to say – in a family or organization mostly everything will touch finance in one way or the other.


  • For those individuals/organizations for an artist, musician, athletes – we have experience in handling budgets and managing finances for those who get lump sum compensation such as royalties or contracts payments. 

  • For those who are a tour artist – we have managed budgets from pre tour activities, touring and wrapping up the finances from a tour.

  • For onsite event management – we have managed finances for a conference, camp or any other event that has been either locally or across the US.

  • Our firm also has experience in developing processes and procedures that makes the finance/accounting needs streamlined and efficient.  We have successfully reduced the number of days needed to run payroll for a large organization from 5 days down to 3 days. And have streamlined processes to reduce the onsite audit time down from 2 weeks to 3 days.  

  • And if your family or organization is going through a difficult time, we have successfully helped turn around families deep in debt as well as organizations going bankrupt to profitability.  We review each situation individually and look for positive solutions to help that individual/family or organization reach their financial goals.